Daily Archives: September 2, 2020

European Markets Surge Wednesday, Asian Indices Rebound

  European markets are making major gains Wednesday, while Asian markets rebounded from a sluggish start to finish mostly higher. The FTSE index in London is up 1.6% in the midday session, while both Paris’s CAC-40 and Frankfurt’s DAX indices are soaring 2.2% higher. Tokyo’s Nikkei index finished its trading session 0.4% higher. Hong Kong’s

COVID-19 Crisis Won’t Necessarily End With Vaccine, WHO Says

  The World Health Organization’s Europe director says the COVID-19 crisis won’t necessarily end with a vaccine, but with societies learning how to live with it. In an interview with British broadcaster SKY News Wednesday, WHO Europe Director Hans Kluge said the governments that take an active leadership role and embrace public health and social

Researchers Discover First Intermediate-size Black Hole

Astronomers say they have discovered evidence of the first intermediate-size black hole, created by the merger of two smaller black holes. Up to this point, astronomers had observed black holes – super-dense regions of space with gravity so strong light cannot escape them – in only two general sizes. There are small, or “stellar” black