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December 7, 2022

Oldest Known DNA Reveals Life in Greenland 2 Million Years Ago

  Scientists discovered the oldest known DNA and used it to reveal what life was like 2 million years ago in the northern tip of Greenland. Today, it’s a barren Arctic desert, but back then it was a lush landscape of trees and vegetation with an array of animals, even the now extinct mastodon. “The study opens the door into a past that has basically been lost,” said lead author Kurt Kjaer, a geologist and glacier expert at the University of Copenhagen. With animal fossils hard to come by, the researchers extracted environmental DNA, also known as eDNA, from soil


UK Approves First New Coal Mine in Decades, Sparking Anger

Britain’s Conservative government on Wednesday approved the United Kingdom’s first new coal mine in three decades, a decision condemned by environmentalists as a leap backwards in the fight against climate change. Hours earlier, the government reversed a ban on building new onshore windfarms in Britain. Opponents called that announcement a cynical attempt to offset criticism of the mine decision. Cabinet Minister Michael Gove decided the mine in the Cumbria area of northwest England would have “an overall neutral effect on climate change and is thus consistent with government policies for meeting the challenge of climate change,” the government said. It


THE MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY AND ENTERPRISE Senglea pop-up park shows how society can work together for greener open spaces – Minister Miriam Dalli

The Ministry for the Environment and Ambjent Malta collaborated with the ReCreate Project, the Senglea Local Council and the area’s residents to transform a seafront paved area into a pop-up park.​​ During a visit to the pop-up park at the Senglea Waterfront, the Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Miriam Dalli, explained that this initiative demonstrates how different stakeholders can work together for a better environment. “The ReCreate Project engaged Senglea families, academics, environmentalists, landscaping and spatial planning experts and the private sector, to sustainably create a better open space in their community with the support of national and