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December 10, 2022

China Braces for Another COVID Wave

While China is beginning to loosen its COVID-19 restrictions, medical practitioners there are preparing for a possible onslaught of COVID cases, which analysts predict could be just weeks away. China had one of the toughest anti-COVID policies in the world. Its zero-COVID campaign put anyone with COVID in a hospital or locked them up in their residences. In a change announced Saturday, officials said truck drivers and ship crews transporting anti-virus goods domestically would no longer be stopped at checkpoints to confirm their COVID-negative status. The move comes as people in China are stockpiling masks, food and medicine, fearing a


WHO: Trial Sudan Ebolavirus Vaccine Marks Historical Milestone

The World Health Organization says the arrival of one of three trial Ebola vaccines in Uganda Thursday “marks a historical milestone in the global capacity to respond to outbreaks.” The 1,200 doses of the Sudan ebolavirus vaccine arrived “just 79 days after the outbreak was declared on 20 September,” the WHO said. “Uganda is showing that life-saving research can be promptly organized in the midst of an outbreak,” said Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Acero, Uganda’s minister of health. In contrast, WHO said that “To start Phase 3 trials in Guinea during the West Africa Ebola outbreak in 2015, it was


THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: “Everyone has a contribution to make” – the President during the Premju Soċjetà Ġusta 2022 ceremony

“Every young or old person, with a visible or hidden disability, has the right to a dignified and most independent life possible. No one is a throwaway in our country, and everyone has a contribution to make. I appeal to all the people to keep this in mind and heart whenever they interact with people with disabilities”, said the President of Malta, George Vella, during the ‘Premju Soċjetà Ġusta 2022’ award ceremony organised by the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights.   The Premju Soċjetà Ġusta celebrates and recognises the work, commitment, and dedication of various individuals in