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December 14, 2022

Mars Rover Captures 1st Sound of Dust Devil on Red Planet

What’s a dust devil sound like on Mars? A NASA rover by chance had its microphone on when a whirling tower of red dust passed directly overhead, recording the racket. It’s about 10 seconds of not only rumbling gusts of up to 25 mph (40 kph), but the pinging of hundreds of dust particles against the rover Perseverance. Scientists released the first-of-its-kind audio Tuesday. It sounds strikingly similar to dust devils on Earth, although quieter since Mars’ thin atmosphere makes for more muted sounds and less forceful wind, according to the researchers. The dust devil came and went over Perseverance


British Nurses Set to Begin First-Ever Strike as Pay Dispute Deepens

National Health Service nurses in Britain will strike on Thursday in their first-ever national walkout as a bitter dispute with the government over pay ramps up pressure on already-stretched hospitals at one of the busiest times of year. An estimated 100,000 nurses will strike at 76 hospitals and health centers on Thursday, canceling thousands of non-urgent operations, such as hip replacements, and tens of thousands of outpatient appointments in Britain’s state-funded NHS. Britain is facing a wave of industrial action this winter, with strikes crippling the rail network and postal service, and airports bracing for disruption over Christmas. Inflation running


THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT “NAO officers are a good example of professional and ethical standards” – the President

​ ​President George Vella expressed his appreciation for the essential and invaluable work carried out by the National Audit Office – NAO. During the launch of the book “State Audit in Times of Transition – Reflections on Change and Continuity, Challenge and Opportunity from Malta and Beyond” published by the NAO on the 25th anniversary of its establishment, President Vella observed the maturity of the recommendations and criticism with each report published by the NAO.​ The best reward, said the President, that the Auditor General, the Deputy Auditor General and the NAO staff get is that they are trusted by