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December 31, 2022

Storm Brings Flooding, Landslides Across California

  Landslides of rock and mud closed roadways Friday across California as heavy rains kicked off what will be a series of storms poised to usher in the new year with downpours and potential flooding across much of the state and several feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada. The atmospheric river storm, a long and wide plume of moisture pulled in from the Pacific Ocean, began sweeping across the northern part of the state Friday and was expected to bring more rain through Saturday, according to the National Weather Service in Sacramento. A winter storm warning was in effect


New Year’s Eve Spurs Hope in China Even as Censors Target Online COVID Content

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Saturday for more effort and unity as the country enters a “new phase” in its approach to combating the pandemic, in his first comments to the public on COVID-19 since his government changed course three weeks ago and relaxed its rigorous policy of lockdowns and mass testing. China’s abrupt switch earlier this month from the zero-COVID policy it had maintained for nearly three years has led to infections sweeping across the country unchecked. It has also caused a further drop in economic activity and international concern, with Britain and France becoming the latest countries


THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER Message by Prime Minister Robert Abela marking the start of the New Year 2023

Peace of mind that our country is moving in the right direction.   This is what we worked towards in the past twelve months.   And we will continue to guarantee this in the time to come.   This is an objective that we will work on and achieve together, united, as one.   What we wanted was that after the enormous challenge of the pandemic, families will not only be able to plan for the year ahead, but also for the future.   In a country where new opportunities are created for our children and our youths, and increased


THE GOVERNMENT OF MALTA The Government of Malta remembers the memory of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

​ Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI became linked to Malta after canonizing Ġorġ Preca in 2007, the first Maltese to receive sainthood.   Pope Benedict XVI visited Malta in April 2010, and thereafter expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome he received from the people in Malta and Gozo.   Prime Minister Robert Abela remembers fondly his own meeting with Pope Benedict XVI during his apostolic visit to Malta, and also remembers the important meetings held during this same visit, including with Maltese youths.   The Government of Malta remembers the memory of Pope Benedict XVI and sends its heartfelt condolences