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Construction Of Key Road Network Begins In Chepalungu Constituency

The long-awaited construction of a 11.8km stretch of the Kombololo-Tilankok-Kamaget-Kaboson Road in the Chebunyo ward has officially commenced.

The project, estimated to cost Sh9.8 million, marks a significant milestone in infrastructure development in the Constituency.

The initiative is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Roads and Public Works, facilitated through the efforts of Chepalungu Member of Parliament, Victor Koech, also known as Mandazi.

In a statement to the media, MP Victor Koech expressed his satisfaction with the commencement of the project.

‘The construction of the Kombololo-Tilankok-Kamaget-Kaboson Road is a pivotal development for Chepalungu. This road will significantly improve connectivity and accessibility within the ward and the entire constituency,’ he said.

MP Koech emphasized that the project is only the beginning, with additional road construction planned using the same funds.

‘The Kombololo-Tilankok-Kamaget-Kaboson Road is just the start. Several other roads in the constitue
ncy will also be constructed soon, addressing the critical need for better infrastructure in our region,’ MP Koech added.

The MP highlighted the role of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) in supporting local infrastructure projects.

He revealed that his committee has earmarked additional funds from the NG-CDF to assist in the construction of more roads in Chepalungu.

To ensure transparency and effective implementation, MP Koech has committed to engaging the public in the supervision process.

‘We are involving the community in the supervision of these projects to guarantee that they are executed to the highest standards. Public participation is crucial in making sure that the construction work is carried out efficiently and meets the needs of our people,’ he stated.

The construction of the Kombololo-Tilankok-Kamaget-Kaboson Road is expected to enhance economic activities, ease transportation, and improve the overall quality of life for the residents of Chepalungu.

Source: Ken
ya News Agency