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ENA Receives Special Awards

The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) has received a special award at a ceremony held today under the theme ‘Media For The Nation 2016,’ in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The event was organized by the government in recognition of their contributions to the cause of the nation.

Ethiopian News Agency CEO, Seif Deribe received the special award from the premier.

High ranking federal and regional officials, head of media executives, and journalists were in attendance.

Some 11 public and commercial media houses received trophies and certificates from PM Abiy.

On the occasion, the premier urged media institutions to promote the realities and national interests of Ethiopia to the global community.

Prime Minister Abiy underscored the need to prioritize Ethiopia’s national interest, peace, and love in our media efforts.

He also extended a congratulatory message to the media houses that have been recognized for their outstanding jobs in promoting national interest and development.

Source: Ethiopian News