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Flight to Nekemte Gudina Tumsa Airport Officially Launched

Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian Airlines Group officially launched domestic flight service today to Nekemte Gudina Tumsa International Airport in the Oromia region.

House of People’s Representatives Speaker Tagese Chafo, Transport and Logistics Minister Alemu Sime, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mesfin Tasew, Oromia region Vice President Awelu Abdi, and other government officials participated in the launching ceremony.

The strategic airport, built with the total outlay of 1.3 billion Birr in Nekemte town, is anticipated to serve as a vital link for domestic and global destinations.

With the launch of flights to Nekemte, the residents will be having easier access to air transport.

Most importantly, this Ethiopian flight will have a paramount role for the domestic and global markets accessibility of agricultural products which Nekemte and its surrounding areas are known for coffee and fruits production. It will also improve trade connections.

Ethiopian Airlines currently flies to 22 domestic destinations, includi
ng Nekemte.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency