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Government Beefs Up Security In Lamu West

Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki has unveiled the national government’s strategic initiative to enhance security in Lamu West by increasing the number of administrative units within the sub-county. Following a comprehensive security briefing with regional and county security officials, as well as leaders from the farming and pastoralist communities residing in Lamu West, Prof. Kindiki announced that plans are already in progress to establish additional divisions and locations in the area. These efforts are geared towards eradicating criminal attacks in the area. ‘The creation of these new administrative units aims to bring security and essential administrative services closer to the residents of Lamu West,’ he stated. Speaking after meetings with top security officials from the police and the Kenya Defense Forces, the CS emphasized the importance of collaboration between security agencies, the public, and local leadership. He stressed that their collective efforts were crucial in ensuring security, especially in regions previously vulnerable to attacks. Prof. Kindiki further disclosed that the national government, in partnership with the county government, is actively working on the construction of a police camp in the Salama area within Mkunumbi Ward. This camp is expected to play a pivotal role in strengthening security along the Mkunumbi, Marafa, Juhudi, Salama and Widho security roads, currently under construction. To de-escalate conflicts between neighboring communities, Kindiki urged residents to participate in conflict resolution meetings (barazas) to address pastoralist-farmer disputes. He also called on residents to collaborate closely with security agencies by providing crucial information that could lead to the apprehension of criminals who have been terrorizing Lamu West residents. Prof. Kindiki announced the government’s plan to deploy additional security personnel and allocate more resources to Lamu, specifically targeting areas that have been most susceptible to attacks. Furthermore, he revealed that the national government had issued show-cause letters to 19 individuals suspected of sponsoring criminal attacks on Lamu West residents. He stated that these individuals are expected to explain their involvement in these attacks failure to comply will result in their designation as terrorists. It is noteworthy that the Ministry for Interior had recently released the names and photographs of 35 individuals believed to be affiliated with the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, responsible for terrorizing residents of Lamu and Boni.

Source: Kenya News Agency