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Int’l Community Urged to Provide Necessary Support to Refugees Sheltered in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is currently hosting more than 1.1 million refugees providing them with all their needs but the international community is not providing adequate support to the nation’s efforts, Refugees and Returnees Service reported.

A report from National Migration Council indicates that Ethiopia is the origin, transition and destination of refugees of various countries.

It is repeatedly disclosed that Ethiopian citizens illegally migrate to various destinations at overseas being subjected to untold agonies and mistreatment.

As a result, the government is attempting to reduce the number of irregular migrants and is engaged in repatriating those who are languishing in foreign lands.

The Director General of Returnees and Refugee Service, Taiba Hassan stated that irregular migrants have continued to put more pressure on the country.

Taiba noted that although Ethiopia is fully engaged in providing services to refugees being hosted in the country, her own citizens however are suffering as refugees overseas.

government is currently engaged in repatriating these citizens who are under very difficult conditions by engaging in diplomatic discussions with the officials of host countries, she added.

In this regard, Taiba cited the efforts being made by the government to repatriate its citizens who were living in very difficult conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Many Ethiopians have been repatriated from Saudi Arabia and are being integrated into the communities as employment opportunities are being provided for them.

Ethiopia is currently hosting over 1.1 million refugees from 26 countries and is providing them with protection in line with the provisions of international agreements, the Director General revealed.

Despite Ethiopia’s efforts to provide basic services to refugees, due to the increase in the number of refugees across the world, the funds essential to provide them with care and protection is dwindling over time, Taiba added.

Conflicts in several parts of the world, poverty and destitution, unemployment have
further exacerbated the plight of refugees and increase in their number across the world. The number of refugee and asylum seekers in Ethiopia is also on the rise, the Director General revealed.

Although providing international support for refugees have now become ever critical, the fund and support needed for providing services to refugees is gradually decreasing, Taiba said stressing the need for international cooperation to address the challenge.

The Director General said that Ethiopia is exerting every possible effort at her disposal to address the needs of refugees and the international community is expected to raise enough fund to support refugees.

Ethiopia has made policy reforms on hosting refugees in her capacity by engaging in community based and developmental approach to host and nurture refugees under her protection, Taiba concluded.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency