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Leaders Put Up Strategies To End Banditry

The leadership of West Pokot County has called for an inter-government intervention to curb insecurity that has largely affected the livelihoods in most areas of Pokot South Sub County.

The increased incidences of insecurity, among other security threats, have led to the loss of human life and livestock through theft and torching of houses.

According to County Commissioner Abdullahi Khalif, they had an inter-governmental peace and security baraza in Kapushen Tapach ward, aimed at discussing insecurity issues within the larger Pokot South.

He said they visited to assess the impact of insecurity on education and check the response of the existing administrative units.

‘We visited Storm Amani Primary, Kamelei Milk Cooler, Kamelei Primary and Secondary, and thereafter we addressed the Barraza at Katungoi within the Kapushen area,” said Khalif.

He noted that after area residents held a demonstration, he received delegations from the local leadership and the people on strengthening security within the area.

Khalif said they have decided as the county security committee to fast-track the vetting of the previously trained National Police Service (NPR) to be issued with firearms and deploy security officers to Kapushen Camps.

The county commissioner said they will be partnering with the Governor of West Pokot County, Simon Kachapin, who will provide a stipend for three months for the local NPRs.

They have ensured that peace committees are in place to be supported by the government and effectively undertake peacebuilding activities.

‘We are going to enhance security patrols by security officers within these affected areas to ensure the safety and security of our people,’ said Khalif.

He said they are going to ensure that more relief food is given to the vulnerable community members who were displaced with the schools affected by insecurities.

The County Commissioner called upon Safaricom Company to improve the network coverage in the area so that the security officers are able to request for response when the n
eed arises.

Additionally, he said they have come to an agreement with all the leaders on the need to leave politics aside and focus on bringing peace and development among the people.

Lelan Ward Representative James Kapeli commended the local administration for their good work.

Wei-Wei Ward Member of the County Assembly (MCA), David Moiben, was also present.

Source: Kenya News Agency