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Ministry of Mines and Energy concerned over sale of licenses

The Ministry of Mines and Energy on Monday cautioned individuals and entities that are selling licences and certificates issued by the ministry, indicating that they are doing so in contravention of the law as they are non-transferable.

‘The ministry has observed with deep concern the proliferation of advertisements on social media platforms wherein individuals or entities are offering to sell wholesale fuel licences and retail fuel licences and are marketing fuel at prices not officially gazetted, often from locations lacking the necessary licensing,’ said Bryan Eiseb, the ministry’s acting executive director.

‘It is crucial to inform and remind the public that the Ministry of Mines and Energy is responsible for regulating the distribution of petroleum products, specifically petrol and diesel, with the petroleum downstream sector.’

Eiseb noted that the ministry’s regulatory oversight is governed by the Petroleum Products and Energy Amendment Act of 2000 and the Petroleum Products Regulations of 2000.

e ministry issues the fuel retail and licence that permits the operation of a fuel retail outlet and the fuel wholesale licences that authorise business operations as a wholesaler.

The ministry further issues the fuel consumer installation certificate, which Eiseb said is required for commercial or industrial enterprises, legal farming activities, or mining operations.

‘It is important to emphasise that, as stipulated in regulation 29(1)(2), fuel wholesale licences, fuel retail licences and fuel installation certificates are non-transferable and therefore cannot be offered for sale,’ he explained.

Eiseb further noted that the pricing of petrol and diesel is regulated under the Petroleum Products and Energy Act and that prices are regularly updated and officially published in the monthly government gazette.

‘We strongly urge those engaging in such activities to immediately cease their unlawful practices,’ Eiseb pleaded.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency