PRESS RELEASE BY THE GOVERNMENT OF MALTA: Prime Minister officially opens the first two flyover structures of the Marsa Junction Project

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat officially inaugurated the first two Marsa Junction Project flyover structures in the presence of Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg.

The Prime Minister said that on the eve of the 55th anniversary of Independence Day, the Government was giving the people a gift of a different kind, this first phase of this grand project.

The investment being made in our country’s infrastructure is unprecedented. That which before was feared, has today become the day-to-day business of the Government. We no longer shelve major infrastructural projects because an election is coming up or because Government does not want to raise criticism. What is being done, is being done because our country needs it, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister thanked all workers, Maltese and foreign, for the good work they are carrying out night and day from Monday to Sunday on such projects.

What is being done today is an absolute game-changer for our country, said Prime Minister Muscat, while adding that, this zone sees 100,000 commuters daily. The Marsa Junction is in fact the zone which people pass through most, daily in our country.

The Prime Minister said that, the Marsa project is also an extension of the regeneration being implemented in the south � a holistic regeneration including open areas, spaces for families, road regeneration, historical regeneration, which leads to economic regeneration. The same revamp is taking place in all infrastructure in Malta and Gozo, so that not only do we meet present needs but so we are prepared for the future.

He concluded by commending all those contributing to this project, particularly Minister Ian Borg for his leadership in this important sector as well as Infrastructure Malta for the way in which it is delivering such projects, while auguring more progress and looking ahead towards more advancements in this multi-million project.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg said this is a historic day for our country. This is a project that forms part of a vast vision prioritising the quality of life of people, one that does not distinguish between north and south. Because Malta is dear to us, said Minister Borg.

He spoke of the importance of balance in every initiative and sector, especially between the needs of today and the strategy for tomorrow and stressed the Government’s commitment to continue working towards improved quality of life, to keep giving open spaces to the people, to continue improving the urban environment and investing in natural spaces.

We will continue working in communities, we will continue working on transport, incentivising the use of public transport and alternative means. Above all we will continue working with a vision that respects our country, towards the people’s health, and we are therefore seeing to the reduction of emissions with such projects, said Minister Borg.

Our vision is holistic and continues driving the economy but above all has a social heart. We are here because we listened to the disappointment of all those living in the south, who were forgotten for many years. Today we are here because we have a Government that listens, a Government that delivers results to the people, that always wants to do more for our country. We will thus continue planning, working and delivering non-stop. We will continue serving and governing as the people desire, because this is our duty and we will continue carrying it out, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Source: Government of Malta