PRESS RELEASE BY THE GOVERNMENT OF MALTA Triq ta?-?awsli between ?ejtun and ?abbar inaugurated by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat – An investment of Euros 4 million in the quality of life of the people

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat inaugurated Triq tac-Cawsli, or officially Triq l-Ahhar Hbit mit-Torok, which connects the localities of Zejtun and Zabbar, a Euros 4 million project co-financed by the European Fund SMITHS.

This is an impressive project, a clear example of how things should be done, said Prime Minister Joseph Muscat with reference to the rebuilding of this road. He said that the Triq tac-Cawsli project is a model of how all projects should be done, because it is a project that considers every aspect of infrastructure, including walking, and here he made reference to the segregated pedestrian and cycling track which is part of this project. This has greatly improved safety for alternative mobility, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat explained.

The Prime Minister also made reference to the mulberry trees this road is known for and which separate this track from the rest of the road and said that it is his pleasure that in the last days the Government has announced projects which will collectively lead to the planting of around 100,000 trees.

He explained that for this road to be built, works were not limited to the surface but, apart from being rebuilt, 3.3 km of new pipes for water, electricity, internet and telecommunication services as well as new drainage pipes. A new 2.5-kilometre water catchment system was also introduced to reduce the chance of flooding and over 100 LED lights were used to light up the road.

We are introducing a new method of doing things. Through Infrastructure Malta we have given the impetus required to get things moving forward in our country, concluded the Prime Minister while he thanked everyone involved in this project.

From his end, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, who was responsible for this project said, One achievement after another thanks to work that never stops. Today we have a Government that delivers success to the people in several ways, including the highest quality infrastructure. Today we are on a road that had for years been suffering from a terrible state and we listened to the priorities of these people and heard how the infrastructure of this road was not at a level that befits these communities, our country. We listened to the people of Zejtun, we listened to the people of Zabbar and we were the Government that listened to them.

Minister Borg said that the Government not only listened to the residents but did what it could to complete the project ahead of time, because it puts first and foremost the quality of life of the people. He said that this was not just a Euros 4 million investment in this main route between Zabbar and Zejtun, but it was also a direct investment in the quality of life of residents of these two localities. He reminded those present how the Government’s work in road infrastructure does not only mean a new surface for roads; to the contrary there are several more investments in infrastructure that are sometimes not visible, even in the case of tac-Cawsli which included services, new foundations and new rubble walls while infrastructure intended for pedestrians and cyclists was also built. For every penny we invest, we want to see the people taking seven back, because that is what’s right, said Minister Borg.

Everything is done with a vision and a plan. There is a plan for everything and where there are challenges, this Government is willing to overcome them, where there are problems this Government is willing to work hard to solve them. We will continue working with determination and everyone will be in our thoughts. In this project, we thought of Zejtun and Zabbar residents, of everyone who uses this road, whether with a vehicle, a bicycle or on foot, we thought of farmers, of improved safety, of better quality, of more efficiency. Because this is what serious work looks like. We have one principal plan � to continue planning, to continue working and to continue delivering in the best way possible for more and more benefits for the people, including those who for a long time had been forgotten, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

From her end, Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli expressed her pleasure to be present once again this week on a project that will benefit the people living in the south, particularly those in Zabbar and Zejtun.

Because this Government does not see north and south, for us there is one country and all of it deserves the highest quality infrastructure. This road is a clear example of the twenty-five years during which those of us who come from these parts were forgotten. After long years of promises, it was this Government that with the same commitment with which it carried out projects like the Coast Road and the Kappara Junction, gave the same attention to a road in this part of the country, with an unprecedented project with a segregated pedestrian and cycle carriageway, and it was because of this that we managed to also get European Funds aimed at a modal shift in transport in our country. Because this is a project that will not only help in traffic flows, but which will also help to reduce emissions and give us improved air quality for the same families that will, a short way away have a new source of fresh air thanks to the investment we are carrying out in the Zabbar Ditch. This is the way in which we are delivering success to everyone, said Minister Dalli.

Source: Government of Malta