The Government of Malta announced that it will issue an international consultation initiative to consider suggestions on the way forward at Dwejra, following the collapse of the Azure Window (‘Tieqa tad-Dwejra’).

Among the options that will be considered are:

a. Leaving the site as it is;

b. An operation to recover parts of the structure from the sea and put them up for view;

c. Enhancement of an interpretation centre that would recall the structure in all its beauty;

d. Use of digital technology and augmented reality to recreate the site for tech users;

e. Artistic installation/s at or near the site where the structure was;

f. The artificial recreation of the structure;

g. Any other innovative and creative idea that as per the above must conform to environment conservation and protection rules.

These options are not mutually exclusive and the Government of Malta will look into all options and suggestions.

The consultation initiative will be discussed and commissioned during the next Cabinet meeting and published accordingly.

In the meantime, the Malta Environment and Resources Authority will issue a conservation order which for now prohibits scuba diving in the area, until the remains of the structure are properly located and studied in order to protect the said remains.

The Government will take all necessary steps to see that not only this site is adequately remembered, but also that the site in Gozo will still attract thousands of visitors.

Source: Government of Malta