PRESS RELEASE BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Parliamentary delegation participates in the meeting of the LXI COSAC in Bucharest

Members of Parliament Aaron Farrugia and Karl Gouder have taken part in the LXI COSAC held in Bucharest on 23-25 June 2019, being the final event of the parliamentary dimension of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The first session on the agenda concerned the achievements of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. This session was addressed by Prime Minister of Romania Viorica Dancila and the Minister-delegate for European Affairs Mr Ciambia, who focussed on the progress made by the Presidency made during a challenging time for the European Union.

MP Farrugia took the floor during this session, thanking the Romanian Presidency for managing to close a good number of legislative files, provisional deals and Council conclusions during a turbulent time for the European Union marked by prolonged Brexit negotiations and questions about the very existence of the European project, all within a limited legislative window due to the European elections.

MP Farrugia commended the progress made on the Capital Markets Union, cybersecurity, the Energy Union, the Digital Single Market and the Consumers Package, amongst others. He also praised the Romanian Presidency for putting cohesion policy at the very centre of their political agenda though showing disappointment as no tangible progress was registered during the last six months on the multi-annual financial framework negotiations. This, he said, will lead to potential delays in investing EU funds on the ground. Another disappointment mentioned by MP Farrugia refers to the lack of agreement at EU Council level on a eurozone budget and the EU net zero carbon footprint by 2050.

In his concluding remarks he referred to the meeting in Sibiu on 9 May which led to the Sibiu Declaration and subsequently to the Union’s 2019-2024 Strategic Agenda setting out the overarching priorities that will guide the work of the EU over the next five years. He also wished success to the incoming Finnish Presidency.

The LXI COSAC also discussed prospects for international trade relations of the European Union including in the context of Brexit, the European Education Area and the role of national parliaments in fostering the ‘New Economy’ of the EU.

Source: Government of Malta