PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR COMPETITIVENESS AND DIGITAL, MARITIME AND SERVICES ECONOMY: Minister Mallia visits free ICT training sessions offered to hosiptality employees

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), in collaboration with the eSkills Foundation, the Directorate for Data Protection and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, provided targeted training to employees working in the hospitality industry to build and strengthen their digital skills, which are essential in today’s digital world.

Digital skills are essential both from a personal and business perspective. For the individual, having strong digital skills will enable active participation in the digital economy, contribute to a better quality of life and better communication. It will also positively contribute to the individual’s employment prospects, mobility and opportunities. On the business side, having employees with the optimum digital skill set, will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The tailor-made training programme touched upon various subjects and addressed current technology and its various applications, from standard computer programmes, to social networking and issues related to data protection, all applied within the context of the hospitality industry.

Visiting a training session in progress, Minister Emmanuel Mallia stated that, “This initiative is another, in a long list of activities that is contributing to the strengthening of our digital society. I am greatly encouraged by the level of collaboration, not only between entities but also between different Ministries. It is also a clear example of this Government’s commitment to ensure that every individual and every business benefits from the opportunities brought about by technology. In this case, not only are the individuals benefitting, but also the companies that employ them, not to mention the collective impact on the hospitality industry as a whole.”

The training is currently underway at the Victoria Hotel, which is amongst twelve Hotels participating in this initiative.

Source: Government of Malta