PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT: Presidency to give seat of power to those that matter most in education: students

As chair of the Education Council, Minister Evarist Bartolo will be inviting three students from local schools to join him in the next European Education council in May.

As key stakeholders, students are often left behind in discussions around the policy table, and their concerns and aspirations are sometimes secondary to political discourse. This important step shall help redesign the way education policies are devised and bring students, and their point of views, at the forefront. It is also part of the Maltese effort to shape European policies around tangible and everyday concerns of European citizens.

An expression of interest will be launched in the coming days to find three candidates (one student from primary, secondary and post-secondary level each) to join the council meeting as keynote speakers in May.

Source: Government of Malta