PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR ENERGY AND WATER MANAGEMENT Malta places first in the top 10 of Security Improvers

According to the World Energy Trilemma Index report of 2019, the countries displaying the greatest advances in Energy Security since 2000 are Malta, Jordan and the Dominican Republic.

The report published earlier today during the 24th World Energy Congress being held in Abu Dhabi said that these countries have all implemented small but significant changes with big impacts, such as increasing supplier diversity or stock levels investing in grid stability.

Whilst attending the World Energy Congress, Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi, was pleased to note this positive result and said that albeit a small market with limited potential for economies of scale, the Maltese Government has ensured that electricity prices are maintained at an affordable level, and created the right environment to ensure stable and competitive prices for gasoline and diesel.

“This is very important,” he pointed out, “as energy prices have a direct bearing on the competitiveness of our economy. Malta’s high scores for final energy intensity and CO2 emissions per capita highlight Malta’s ability to achieve sustained economic growth, whilst decoupling from energy consumption and maintaining emissions in check.”

“On the other hand,” he explained, “being a small island with limited indigenous resources, Malta is bound to continue to depend on energy imports, at least until such time appropriate renewable technologies become viable in the local context. He mentioned a number of measures adopted over the last five years, including a 200MW Malta-Italy electricity interconnector, a new gas-fired power plant, a shift from heavy fuel oil to the use of LNG to generate electricity, significant onshore storage for gasoil as backup fuel and adoption of an N-1 redundancy approach.

Minister Joe Mizzi added that Malta’s energy security level is well above that estimated through this tool. On top of this, Malta’s membership within the EU, and excellent international relations on the global scene, further contributes towards Malta’s security in general, and energy security in particular.

Source: Government of Malta