Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli delivers key note speech at the opening of EuroPride’s Human Rights Conference

Let us harness the energy of the Stonewall protesters and work systematically to deliver equality for all persons regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender.

This was Minister Helena Dalli’s key message at the Human Rights Conference of EuroPride Vienna, where Dr Dalli was invited to deliver a key note address as now Malta is celebrated as a European pioneer in this area of policy.

She recalled the legislative overhaul which revolutionised the Maltese equality framework, a process which was hinged upon the strong engagement with the LGBTIQ Consultative Council, which was set up by this government and which comprised of civil society advocates.

In this regard and within the context of the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Index which was released recently, the Minister urged participants to keep voicing their aspirations and fellow politicians to listen, lead, and bring about change towards equality for all.

This especially so in a time when not only has progress in Europe stalled, but as LGBTIQ communities in certain European countries are experiencing a roll-back of their rights. To this end, Dr Dalli stressed that we need to take ILGA-Europe’s alarm seriously and address it at all levels of government, that is, the municipal, the national, the regional and the global levels.

Helena Dalli lauded the European Fundamental Rights Agency for its sterling work in this field, and called for more countries to heed the agency’s scientific-based advice as we aim to overturn the negative trend outlined above. A negative trend which serves as a stark reminder that much more needs to be done.

This is why Malta took the initiative to work with EU member states to call on the new European Commission to build on its current list of actions for LGBTIQ equality. Minister Dalli welcomed the fact that 18 member states have since joined Malta’s call, and reiterated the government’s commitment to widen its support on the matter as more like-minded countries support the Council of Europe’s continued efforts to inspire positive change.

Following the Human Rights Conference, Minister Helena Dalli visited the Malta Tourism Authority’s stand at the EuroPride Village where she thanked the MTA team within the Ministry for Tourism for their work and commitment to promoting Malta as a welcoming destination for LGBTIQ travellers.

Source: Government of Malta