PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND TRADE PROMOTION: Malta strengthening its diplomatic representation and trade promotion in the American, African, and Asian continents

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion is strengthening Malta’s representation in the American, African, and Asiatic continents by working on the opening of new diplomatic missions.

This was announced by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela during a news conference related to the government measures announced in Budget 2020.

Minister Abela mentioned that this is yet another example of how we are continuing to grow together, even worldwide while our work in the Mediterranean remains considered as integral.

The American Continent

Minister Abela said that Malta will be working to open its first embassy in South America. As currently Malta has no representation in this continent, the need was felt to increase contacts in the political field so that eventually trade would also be facilitated.

Minister Abela also went on to say that this will all be done in view of Malta’s work towards a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the years 2023-2024. To this end, the Ministry is also looking at strengthening the Maltese Embassy in New York both with regard to its infrastructure and human resources.

The Asian Continent

Minister Abela mentioned that Malta is focusing on the opening of a new Embassy in Japan. The Ministry has received approval from the Japanese authorities to open an Embassy in Tokyo. The Ministry is identifying suitable premises, which will then be modified according to the needs in order to open the Embassy in 2020.

The African Continent

Minister Abela mentioned that the Ministry has focused on the opening of a High Commission in Ghana. He said that the High Commission has been operating from temporary premises from February 2019, in the City of Accra. In the meantime, officials from the Ministry are working on a permanent premises so that the mission will be relocated to new premises in 2020. Minister Abela added that, recently in 2017, Malta signed a double taxation agreement with Ghana.

As far as Africa, Minister Abela noted that the Ministry is working on opening a new consulate in Morocco. Suitable locations for the consulate have already been identified. The aim is that this consulate will open in 2020. “We are treating Africa as a trading partner”, said the Minister.

Minister Abela concluded that the undergoing work of the Ministry for Malta to open new diplomatic missions in places where till now there aren’t any will be further strengthening Malta’s consular assistance and global commercial diplomacy. “The fact is that the Government is paving the way for Maltese citizens and the business community to be assisted to be successful not just in Malta, but also abroad”, concluded Minister Abela.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister