PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND TRADE PROMOTION: Minister Carmelo Abela enhances trade opportunities for local Maltese companies

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela, together with Trade Malta CEO Anton Buttigieg, called on Gutenberg Press in Bulebel in the first of a series of visits to export leading companies in Malta.

Gutenberg Press is a privately owned Maltese company extending services in high quality printing solutions both locally and abroad. The company currently employs a personnel of 120.

Discussions with the top management team of the company, led by Mr Frank Spiteri, focused on concerns and uncertainties related to Brexit, primarily because discussions are still underway between the EU 27 and the United Kingdom.

Minister Carmelo Abela defined Malta’s position in line with EU/UK negotiations currently underway and made reference to the start of the bilateral discussions between Malta and the UK.

The minister highlighted further trade opportunities with other Commonwealth countries and potential sub-Saharan connections in trade and commerce.

Source: Government of Malta