PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND TRADE PROMOTION: Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion addresses diplomatic corps at annual New Year’s Greetings

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela delivered a speech (attached) to the diplomatic corps at the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu, during the annual New Year’s Greetings. The minister provided an outline of achievements Malta has scored on the international, European, regional, and local levels, as well as plans for the busy year ahead. He augured that 2019 would herald peace, security, and stability, both globally as well as in the tumultuous Mediterranean region, whilst auguring prosperity to all.

Minister Carmelo Abela also announced that Malta is to open an embassy in Tokyo, Japan as a result of the excellent ongoing bilateral relations between the two countries. The opening of a Maltese Embassy in Japan will take relations to a higher level and strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister