PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND TRADE PROMOTION: The Maltese Diplomatic Corps welcomes 9 new second secretaries and 19 counsellors

A career in diplomacy is a career which should be considered by our youth as it provides opportunities both in Malta and abroad with the possibility of leading to the level of Ambassador for Malta. This was the message by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela , when together with the Permanent Secretary Fiona Formosa, he met with nine new second secretaries who have recently joined the Ministry following a recruitment process. The role of second secretary is considered as the entry-point into Malta’s diplomatic corps.

Minister Abela also met with nineteen diplomats who have been promoted to counsellors. The counsellors have served for a long period in diplomacy both in Malta and abroad as first secretaries and underwent oral and written examinations.

Minister Abela appealled to new second secretaries and counsellors to share their positive experiences at the Ministry with other youth and to encourage them to move into a diplomatic career which brings with reward and satisfaction.

Minister Abela remarked that the human resource is the main foundation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion. He mentioned that through the strengthening of human resources, the Ministry is amalgamating established and experienced talent in diplomacy to serve as a guidance and mentor to new talent of enthusiastic young people committed to learn and grow. Minister Abela remarked that a career in diplomacy now provides better working conditions a new a collective agreement was signed after 25 years.

You have responsibility to represent your country and are being provided with opportunities. The diplomatic work carried out at the Head Office in Malta is as important as the diplomatic work conducted around the 37 Maltese missions around the world, stressed Minister Abela. He urged Maltese diplomats to use such an opportunity to enhance their contact with the Maltese diaspora around the world, especially the younger generation who have potential to contribute towards the country.

Minister Abela mentioned how the vision of the Ministry is a growth strategy. He noted how the Ministry has already opened a new Diplomatic Representation in Ghana, is currently identifying the location that could serve as the building of the new diplomatic representation in Japan, and is working to open a new consulate in Morocco. He noted that to make these missions successful, Maltese diplomats need to have the ability to build strong relationships with key stakeholders in the respective countries and to be considered as trustable diplomats with integrity.

In return, the second secretaries said that they are finding their new job as interesting and dynamic. They also said that they are learning something new every day. This engagement follows the appoinntment of 13 second secretaries in 2018.

The new counsellors explained that after years of experience in the sector, they look forward to continue bearing the responsibility that was given to them to ensure that the interests of Malta worldwide are always protected. Minister Abela thanked them for their valuable work and augured them in their new role.

Source: Government of Malta