PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS: High-level pledging event for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

At the High-Level Pledging event held today in Geneva, Switzerland, Minister for Foreign Affairs George W. Vella, underlined the importance that Malta has given to this crisis, in its role as Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Minister Vella highlighted that Malta supports an inclusive political solution to the crisis and backs all efforts undertaken by the United Nations and its Special Envoy in facilitating a lasting settlement between all Yemeni parties. Malta is rather concerned with the current situation in Yemen, which is considered to be the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Minister Vella welcomed the timely organisation of this event to encourage the provision of the necessary funding to UN agencies and other humanitarian partners working in Yemen. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Government of Malta, announced its commitment to contribute financially in aid for activities outlined in the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan 2017, and renewed its commitment to continue to provide humanitarian assistance and to find a political solution to the crisis in Yemen.

Source: Government of Malta