PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR HOME AFFAIRS AND NATIONAL SECURITY: “A concerted and international effort towards creating peace in cyberspace” – Minister Michael Farrugia

Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia participated in the International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in New Delhi, India between 14 and 16 November 2018. Discussions during the conference sessions revolved around cyber security and emerging scenarios; cybersecurity law; artificial intelligence; blockchains and connected legalities; cyber extremism and radicalisation; cyber defamation, cyber bullying and trolling, amongst other topics. Minister Farrugia chaired the session on cyber war, cyber peace and the role of the United Nations.

Minister Farrugia addressed the opening session of the conference, making an emphasis on the fact that Malta passed legislation regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency. This attracted big industry in this sector because they prefer to operate in a regulated environment.

Minister Farrugia also chaired one session and participated as a panel speaker on another session. He emphasised the need for international legislation to promote peace in the cyberspace. Such legislation, preferably under United Nations auspices, can save humanity from a cyberwar. Internationally, there have been several state-sponsored attacks and humanity needs for these to be prevented so as to avoid escalation of conflicts.

The International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cyber Security aimed to examine and analyse the emerging cyberlaw, cybercrime and cybersecurity trends of today’s times. The conference was well-attended by various international delegates and speakers, representatives from central government and state governments, various ministries, law enforcement agencies, police, business, information technology representatives, the corporate sector, academicians, scholars, service providers, international organisations and distinguished thought leaders. The conference was addressed by more than 150 speakers.

Source: Government of Malta