PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR HOME AFFAIRS AND NATIONAL SECURITY: Aviation Security Malta trains around 150 security instructors and managers in airport security measures

Aviation Security Malta (AVSEC) is investing in the development and skills of officials involved in security within the airport. This was stated by the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela in his address at the Air Malta Travel International Exhibition Fair (AMITEX) held at the MFCC during a discussion with the theme ‘The Challenges Facing The European Aviation Industry’.

He said that the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme has been developed with the main objective of ensuring that aviation security measures are implemented by well-trained staff who can undertake jobs and tasks in hand that meet the required standards.

He stated that, for this purpose, Aviation Security Malta trained and certified 30 security instructors who in turn will be able to give induction courses to new staff on security measures and regulations with the aim of having airport staff work responsibly in the industry.

Aviation Security Malta trained and issued certifications to 85 aviation security managers from entities and companies involved in the industry.

Train-the-trainer certified courses were undertaken by 40 specialised security instructors whose responsibilities vary from airport security, aircraft security, passenger and cabin baggage security, cargo and mail.

He added that Malta has such a positive track record within this field that qualified inspectors hailing from AVSEC Malta are regularly called upon by the European Commission to actively participate in inspections and auditing exercises carried out at airports in EU member states.

Minister Abela said that investment was also made in software that ensures that the training and certification of screeners for passengers, cabin and hold luggage are of the highest possible level.

He said that civil aviation is indispensable for Malta’s success as a Mediterranean tourist destination and that the role of Aviation Security Malta (AVSEC) is crucial to ensure safety and security in the aviation industry in Malta.

Minister Abela said that during the current administration, the Government has passed two laws through Parliament that gave AVSEC Malta new powers to strengthen our airport’s security level through enhanced quality controls on security.

Minister Abela concluded by noting that the aviation industry is growing at a fast rate and that the overall passenger experience is a challenge for airports.

The MFCC Amitex Holiday Show is being held till Sunday 2nd April 2017 at the MFCC Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre at Ta’ Qali. This event brings together local agents in the field of travelling.

Source: Government of Malta