PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR HOME AFFAIRS AND NATIONAL SECURITY Minister Michael Farrugia meets with Spanish State Secretary for Migration Affairs Maria Del Consuelo Rimi

Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia met with State Secretary for Migration Affairs Maria Del Consuelo Rimi Ibanez during an official to Malta to discuss the area of migration and to enhance collaboration between the two countries.

During the meeting, both Minister Farrugia and State Secretary Rumi gave an overview of the operations related to migration and asylum procedures.

Minister Michael Farrugia referred to the upcoming ministerial meeting on migration that will be held in Malta on the 23rd September. Minister Farrugia stated that the Home Affairs Ministers of Germany, France, Malta, Italy, Finland as the presidency, and the EU Commission will be meeting to discuss and possible try to converge two non-papers into one, and the reported will be presented at the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg in October. The minister emphasised that no country should be put under pressure and relocation mechanisms should be initiated when a country reaches an alarming threshold.

Minister Michael Farrugia stated that Malta is the third country in the European Union with the highest number of asylum applications per capita.

Referring to the recent ad hoc agreements, the minister thanked Spain for their efforts in participating and relocating a number of persons.

Minister Michael Farrugia suggested that member states in the Mediterranean should start meeting to discuss concerns of mutual interest, especially in the areas of migration and security. We have to cooperate together, work together, plan together, give a direction forward, and speak with one voice.

Source: Government of Malta