Arts Council Malta and MCST sign Memorandum of Understanding on the Creative Industries, Science and Technology

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and Arts Council Malta (ACM) have signed an agreement in the area of the arts and science. In particular, the agreement will encompass attempts to increase participation in culture and the creative industries, increase collaborations between public cultural organisations and encourage an interdisciplinary approach between the arts and science.

Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici remarked how this Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions builds on Government’s priorities towards culture, more specifically in increasing job opportunities. Minister Bonnici emphasised on the importance of fostering this approach of the cultural sector with other sectors such as sciences and technology. In fact, he stated that this can be envisaged on various levels such as better allocation of resources, exchange of experiences and knowledge between the two entities, new creative opportunities for artists and art organisations and more accessibility for varied audiences. This will result in a contribution of Euros 125,000 from Arts Council Malta towards this Memorandum of Understanding.

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy, and Innovation Silvio Schembri explained how through MCST, this agreement will help to join art and science together in order to attract investment of good quality towards Malta, since this makes us more attractive for foreign investors seeking innovation. Schembri reiterated on the importance of having an educational strategy that includes arts together with science, technology, engineering and mathematics to develop from a STEM to a STEAM system, wherein from a young age we teach our children to express their ideas and form a critical mind.

MCST, Executive Chairman, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said that the agreement will pave the road for a fruitful relationship between the entities involved and also promote a celebration of the Arts and Sciences.

Executive Chairman of Arts Council Malta, Albert Marshall, stated that this memorandum of understanding is linked directly to the Arts Council Malta’s strategy CREATE2020. He explained how besides the strategic component, this document also creates new synergies between Arts Council Malta and the Malta Council for Science and Technology while strengthening already existing efforts towards common objectives such as Famelab and MakerFaire as well as this year’s Kreattiv fund.

This MoU will serve to strengthen the collaboration between the two institutions and through its funding programmes and initiatives; ACM shall encourage artists to pursue their interests in science and technology and to collaborate with individuals and organizations in these fields of knowledge. It will also encourage the integration of science and technology in the Kreattiv funding programme while Esplora, which forms part of the MCST, shall provide mentorship and assistance to beneficiary projects that include a science and technology component. Esplora will be offering its premises to selected projects to exhibit their work where such events are open to the general public visiting Esplora as well as jointly collaborate in activities and events organised by ACM including the Malta International Arts Festival. Moreover, ACM and Esplora shall co-organise networking and information sessions whereby artists, public cultural organisations, educators and individuals in the fields of science and technology will have the opportunity to discuss and explore potential ideas for future projects or other collaborations.

The MoU was signed by Executive Chairman of Arts Council Malta, Albert Marshall and Malta Council for Science and Technology Executive Chairman, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, in the presence of Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri, and Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici.

On this occasion two murals ‘Odyssey of the Observer’ and ‘Transience of Thought’ by local artist Dominique Cianco were inaugurated.

Source: Government of Malta