PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE, CULTURE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Further decreases in pending Court cases, results of the first six months show substantial progress in both Civil and Criminal cases

Statistics for the first six months of this year show that, improvement in the efficiency of our Courts that started in the past years, is continuing to gain positive results in both Civil and Criminal cases.

With regards to Civil cases, the clearance rate; that is the rate of the number of cases decided when compared to the number of incoming cases, has remained consistent above 100%. This means that more cases are being decided, than initiated. In fact, the pending amount of cases has kept decreasing to 9,364, which is the least amount of pending cases in history. This represents a decrease of 11% in the amount of pending cases in between June 2015 and June 2017. The Administrative Review Tribunal has been the most efficient civil court composition with an increase in the clearance rate from 135% in 2016, to 211% in 2017.

As for Criminal cases, positive results were achieved both in the courts of first instance as well as in the appellate courts, where the clearance rate has surpassed 100%. In the Court of Magistrates, before which 95% of the caseload is presented, the positive results were reconfirmed with more cases being decided than the incoming number of cases. Substantial progress was also registered before the Criminal Court, the Court before which juries are heard, such that the amount of pending cases by jury has reduced from 80 to 60 in the period of two years. Considerable improvement was also registered in the inferior appellate courts, deciding on appeals from decisions of the Court of Magistrates, where the Court managed to nearly decide the same amount of cases as the number of incoming cases.

The Government is committed to keep working on reforms, which are resulting in shorter length of proceedings while strengthening people’s rights.

Source: Government of Malta