PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE, CULTURE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Minister Bonnici reiterates support for artists during a visit in Gozo

Visiting Mario Abela’s third solo exhibition Leave at Dawn – Return by Dusk, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici reiterated the ministry’s support for local artists.

Art is an inspirational medium through which our talented artists express themselves and at the same time leave a legacy for our future generations, said Minister Bonnici. This is why the ministry, through its cultural entities, is striving to better this sector even by creating more spaces where our artists can exhibit their works of art.

Minister Bonnici highlighted the new National Arts Museum MUZA, which is a showcase for our national collection, exhibited as a source of inspiration to the Maltese community and beyond. He also said that since its opening last year, MUZA has established itself not only with the local community, but also with artists and enthusiasts from abroad.

Minister Bonnici also mentioned the Contemporary Arts Space�MICAS�which as a concept was launched last year. MICAS is already holding events and activities, but with its final completion it will be yet another space for local artists to showcase their art.

These are infrastructural spaces intended to give our artists support and widen their reach with spaces where their art can be appreciated by all, said Minister Bonnici.

Mario Abela’s exhibition is a reflection of his interest in existentialism, how we utilise fragments of memory, through images, sounds and history, to understand our own existence. In Leave at Dawn – Return by Dusk, Abela is questioning memory throughout life, casting doubt on the human memory’s limitations and vulnerability.

The exhibition will be open from 1st March until 2nd April 2019 at Vini e Capricci by Abraham’s, Gozitano, Xewkija, Gozo.

Minister Bonnici also commended the owners of Vini e Capricci within the Gozitano Agricultural Village for combining their locality with art, but at the same time giving space to artists to exhibit their work. He said that this is another example how even the private enterprise can help in the ever-growing culture sector.

Source: Government of Malta