Today, the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change JosA Herrera attended a tree planting ceremony which took place at the Lyster Barracks in ?al Far. During this event, 60 primary school children from ?amrun and Marsaxlokk were invited to participate in a series of command tasks conducted by AFM personnel, promoting discipline, respect towards others, responsibility, dedication and team-work.

Minister Herrera thanked Simply Holding Co Ltd for their tree sponsorship and encouraged the private sector to follow their example. He stated that they are very grateful for such sponsors that help in the Government’s aim to green Malta. He also thanked the Armed Forces of Malta for their hospitality.

Minister Herrera said that his Ministry is taking various initiatives when it comes to afforestation, whilst continuously searching for suitable sites for afforestation. He announced that the Parks Directorate will shortly start to afforestate five different sites. Twenty one local councils have to date also benefitted from funds to green the community by planting shrubs and trees in their locality.

Minister JosA Herrera stated that next Sunday the Ministry will be organising an Open Day activity for all the family at the Salina Salt Pans from 10:30am onwards. This open day will be a day for all the family and an opportunity for people to enjoy nature and history.

As part of the embellishing works at Lyster and Safi Barracks, the Armed Forces of Malta welcomed the sponsorship of 500 trees as part of the Tree4U Campaign. Simply Holding Co Ltd sponsored the 500 trees, of which 100 Cypress trees were planted by the company’s personnel at Safi Barracks, 330 Cypress trees and 70 pine trees at Lyster Barracks. These trees will form part of the existing Tree4U Campaign, which has been sponsored by various entities in the past. The AFM will be taking care of all the necessary arrangements such as irrigation and pruning.

In his speech, Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, Brigadier Curmi thanked the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and Simply Holding Co Limited for this commendable gesture and thanked all the personnel involved. In the presence of around 60 primary school children, Brigadier Curmi emphasized the various roles and responsibilities of the AFM and highlighted the vast military career paths that the AFM has to offer.

Source: Government of Malta