The largest international ro-ro vessel company registers more ships in Malta, one achievement after the other in our country’s maritime sector � Minister Ian Borg

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg welcomed to the ministry Mr Craig Jasienski and Mr Geir Mikalsen together with other representatives of Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA, the largest international ro-ro vessel company.

We know how important the merchant ship sector is for our country, and it is satisfying that the largest international ro-ro vessel company chose our country to register its ships � one achievement after the other in our country’s maritime sector. We are speaking about 32 registered ships under the Tonnage Tax Regime Maltese entity and 21 ships flying the Maltese flag, a total net tonnage of over 800,000 from this company. It is a great satisfaction that today we have a register that operates on the principles of quality, reputation and confidence thanks to stable policy, a strong relationship with other EU member states, a clear commitment to support more development in quality services, an attractive fiscal regime and an efficient administration, said Minister Ian Borg.

Minister Borg explained that today we have a maritime industry that contributes to 12% of our country’s GDP, an industry which has generated 23,000 jobs, and he went on to say that by the end of March we had more than 8,370 registered ships with a gross tonnage of over 82 million. This means an increase of more than 6% over last December and over 60% growth in tonnage flying the Maltese flag over the last five years. The minister said that these successes are also reflected in the superyacht industry where by the end of March we had more than 750 registered, a record increase of 90% over five years ago.

At the same time, the minister said that success does not stop at figures and that while the Maltese register is acknowledged as the largest in Europe and sixth in the world, Lloyd’s List included Malta in ‘The Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry’ where it acknowledged our country as the only register witnessing growth, with the potential of becoming fifth in the world.

One certificate after another thanks to a government, an authority and an industry that work hard towards more growth in a stable and strong legislative framework. Our goals are wider. Our work will continue towards the implementation of the vision of a government that will not stop until it is clear that Malta is a centre of maritime excellence. We are committed to continue moving forward with more success and growth for this industry, concluded Minister Borg.

From his end, Wallenius Wilhelmsen CEO Mr Craig Jasienski commended the Maltese Register for the active response and stability it offers its clients and said that the service that has always been given continues to confirm the decision which the company took to start transferring its ships to Malta, a service which has met every expectation.

Source: Government of Malta