Euros 1.9 million in 60 projects by the Public Works Department in 2019 – a regeneration project on a number of alleys in Zebbug

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited Triq il-Lunzjata in Zebbug where the Public Works Department implemented a regeneration project on a number of alleys with an investment of around Euros 150,000. He announced that throughout this year, this department implemented around 60 community projects with a total investment of Euros 1.9 million.

Communities and the people who make them are close to our hearts. Today our country has a social government and a government that cares about the people’s quality of life. Here we can see work carried out with commitment, work carried out daily in several different localities by the Public Works Department. Because we truly believe in the value of work carried out in localities. That is why we have also invested in the residential roads of every locality and more than 113 roads are complete or in progress thanks to an unprecedented investment by the government. That is why we have witnessed investments on several public spaces and investments in arterial roads because these also affect the people living in surrounding localities, said Minister Borg.

The Triq il-Lunzjata project includes the replacement of services for residents, the excavation of materials to introduce a reinforced concrete bed beneath new paving and work related to lighting around the chapel towards embellishment.

I am satisfied that this department carries out projects of this kind every day in several different communities, important work that once again clearly illustrates that this government cares about everyone and no corner of the country will be forgotten. For us, every project is important as long as it has a positive impact. For us there are only the Maltese and Gozitan people and the commitment to deliver economic success in their homes, the commitment to have a positive impact and to carry out our duty by delivering the best quality of life the people of our country can have, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Source: Government of Malta