Ministers Ian Borg and Jose Herrera addressed the event ‘New Challenges for Green Buildings 2020′, organised by the Malta Developers’ Association and T4B Services Ltd.

Minister Jose Herrera emphasised the importance that projects, both large and small, should include waste management in their designs. During the excavation and demolition periods, there is an opportunity to increase the amount of recycling, leading to the creation of secondary material which can be used during the construction phase. Furthermore, each project must be supplied with the necessary infrastructure for the management of generated waste.

Minister Herrera said that while it is necessary to include renewable energy in buildings and to have an energy performance certificate, there is much more which can be done for a building to qualify as a green building. He explained that a few weeks ago, the Environment and Resources Authority launched a public consultation for an informative document on Green Infrastructure in Malta. One of the aims of this document is to raise awareness about this innovative concept, which when applied, will improve the quality of air and water whilst sustaining biodiversity.

Minister Borg spoke about this topic in light of the boom currently being experienced by the construction and building industry. He stressed the importance of regulating the industry in the best possible way and of striking a balance between economic gain and sustainable development. He referred to the White Paper which will set up the Malta Construction and Building Authority � such White Paper was opened for public consultation and was closed in the past few days.

Minister Borg explained that the aim of this new authority is to connect fragmented legislation to regulate the way in which construction is carried out in our country and to continuously monitor buildings throughout their lifetime. We will make use of this authority as an instrument which raises standards for the sustainability of buildings, and this goes over and above energy performance. There will be space to analyse which systems and methods are appropriate for our climate and in relation to the way buildings are organised in the area so that buildings can achieve the highest standards.

The Minister expressed pleasure to the positive reaction of several industry stakeholders and said that he believes that anyone who is interested in this sector, also has the interest to see that this progresses with the times and reaches safety and environmental standards appropriate to our time so that this sector can gain the people’s trust. Minister Borg concluded by looking ahead to continue witnessing the flourishing of the industry together with a transformation and move towards sustainability in the building sector and in all other sectors.

Source: Government of Malta