PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS: ‘Irrestawra Darek’ scheme taken up by the public within an hour – a new record

The greatest satisfaction is when you witness the public participating in the initiatives we are preparing and creating towards a Malta that is always improving. We can announce with pleasure that this year, the ‘Irrestawra Darek’ scheme was taken up by the public within an hour � this means that across three years, we will have invested Euros 23 million towards the conservation of our country’s architectural heritage. This is a clear sign � a sign that the people wish to invest in their property and a sign that we need to continue working together to rehabilitate the cultural heritage that makes us unique in the world, said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg.

Today was the official opening of this scheme and within the first hour, the Planning Authority received more than 750 online submissions with requests amounting to more than Euros 8 million. Therefore, the scheme is official closed for this year when it comes to private residents in Urban Conservation Areas and Grade 1 or Grade 2 scheduled residential buildings. In the meantime, the Authority is still accepting submissions for the restoration and conservation of streetscapes, a new category with Euros 1 million reserved and which is considering applications aimed at the conservation of residences forming part of a single unique road. So far, the Authority has already received 12 submissions of this type.

From his end, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Property Market Chris Agius said, This is a scheme that has helped more than 1,700 residents over the last two years. We are satisfied to see more Maltese and Gozitan families benefitting from these very positive initiatives prepared by the Planning Authority, and we look forward to keeping witnessing Maltese roads becoming more beautiful with maintained and conserved facades. The government remains committed to continue giving this kind of help to all those who live in our country.

Planning Authority Executive Chairman Johann Buttigieg said, We have never seen so many online submissions coming in like this. For the third consecutive year, the ‘Irrestawra Darek’ scheme has been a success story. This demand shows that residents living in urban conservation areas and in historical properties wish to ensure that their property is well maintained and conserved.

Source: Government of Malta