PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS Launch of public consultation about the regulation of micromobility in Malta – Regulating e-kickscooters, an alternative means of transport for our roads

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg officially launched a public consultation about the policy which will regulate micromobility in Malta, particularly the e-kickscooter alternative means of transport.

Minister Ian Borg spoke of the importance of continuing to promote the concept of multimodality and the use of alternative sustainable means of transport on our road network. He made reference to the fact that the e-kickscooter has been somewhat controversial globally, with countries that allowed it to be introduced without any regulation and others that did not even allow it into the country.

We are working to achieve an important balance, a balance that prioritises first and foremost the safety of those using this means of transport as well as those sharing the space with them, especially more vulnerable people such as pedestrians. This means of transport seems to already be very popular with youths and we felt that we should regulate it and create an opportunity for another small and sustainable means of transport to form part of the transport culture shift we are working hard to achieve, said the minister.

He reminded those present that this is only part of the Government’s work to this end and made reference to the increased use of public transport thanks to the free transport benefit for youths and students, as well as the increase in the popularity of ferries and the financial incentives for the purchase of more sustainable private means, amongst other incentives.

We will continue working towards more positive changes, towards more sustainability and more efficient and safer roads. We will continue doing this while considering our country’s realities so that our vision can be implemented in a holistic way towards a better quality of life. I look forward to welcoming the opinions and thoughts of the public and stakeholders about the new means of transport, concluded the minister.

Source: Government of Malta