PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS: Minister Ian Borg visits the Bir?ebbu?a Sailing Club – Transport Malta makes a donation towards sports and safety

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited the Birzebbuga Sailing Club, which offers training in the sports of sailing all year round. This took place on the occasion of Transport Malta’s donation towards a motor engine for a dinghy (rhib), costing around Euros 5,000, together with another donation by the supplier.

Minister Borg explained that this investment will lead the club to continue improving safety and the service being offered to many students.

The Birzebbuga Sailing Club was set up in 1972 and this summer has given its services to around 70 students of ages 5 to and 20 years.

Minister Borg commended the work of this club, which is training these youths who will be tomorrow’s sailors, in a maritime sector that is a main pillar of our economy.

The maritime sector is very important and we will continue working so that these youths continue finding opportunities of employment and success in an industry that is a leader in the success of our economy, said Minister Borg.

At the same time, the Minister said that Transport Malta, which is making this donation today, also has an important role in all of this as it is the entity regulating the sector.

We believe in our sports community as we believe in all the work being done by various voluntary organisations. That is why we are glad to invest to help every organisation that fosters the spirit of sports in children, youths and the rest of our communities. We want our communities to have the best facilities and our commitment as a Ministry is towards any work that prioritises our communities, a commitment which I believe is clear in our work, said Minister Ian Borg.

Minister Borg concluded by referring to the importance of this work being done fostering essential balances that consider both social values as well as the aim for future generations to have a better quality of life, while commending Transport Malta and the supplier for this contribution.

Transport Malta Chairman Mr Joseph Bugeja said, Transport Malta truly believes in these types of initiatives because they prioritise the social responsibility there should be towards entities that work so much for our communities. As an authority we will continue working hard towards the continued growth of the maritime sector.

Commodore Joseph Briffa commended the Ministry and Transport Malta for the initiatives they take towards sports organisations, especially the help being given today. He said that this help was being given in a very timely manner as there is currently a global race in which the club is participating with generous goals, where participants’ donations go to the Andrew Simpson Foundation, which helps other sailing organisations experiencing difficulties.

Source: Government of Malta