Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes visited the housing estate zone in the Ta’ Paris area in Birkirkara, where a rehabilitation and embellishment project is underway at a value of Euros 0.5 million.

The investment and work are being implemented through collaborative work between the central government and the Birkirkara Local Council and include 2,500 square metres of paving, landscaping the embellishment of open spaces and a new playground.

Minister Borg said that, “this government is committed to seeing to the improvement of the people’s quality of life, a government that looks at the priorities of communities, that sees one country, a connected people, all of whom deserve the best quality in every sector, a government that looks at infrastructure through a wide and holistic perspective. Today we are here on a project with a substantial investment towards safer, more efficient and quality spaces for these residents.”

He reminded those present that a short while ago, we also saw the inauguration of Gnien l-Istazzjon and Gnien Lippu Sammut, a Euros 1.4 million investment thanks to the Planning Authority’s Development Planning Fund, so that today Birkirkara residents have two high-quality open spaces where they can spend time with their families. The minister also referred to the infrastructural investments on the roads of this locality where Infrastructure Malta has already finished rebuilding Triq is-Santwarju, while work is underway on Triq Mike Pulis, Triq Tumas Fenech, Triq il-Herba and Triq il-Ferrovija l-Antika, and work on part of Triq tal-Qattus is soon to commence. He added that the second call includes another three roads in this locality.

“This work connects the central government to the local government, that listens and communicates the needs of residents and finds the assistance of a government that wants to work hand in hand. Today we have councils that want what’s best for their communities, and central government remains committed towards more collaboration, with a commitment to bring benefits to our communities for a better life for the residents of all localities in our country”, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes commended this initiative because this exercise embellishes the housing estate environment and therefore has a direct and positive impact on the lives of residents. “Projects like these contribute to the ambitious programme for the regeneration of housing estates that the government is carrying out during this legislature as part of the holistic housing strategy in our country”, concluded Roderick Galdes.

From his end, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis spoke about the importance of synergy between the central government and local government and how working hand in hand bring several benefits to communities. He commended the Birkirkara Local Council for its work towards a better quality of life for residents.

Local Mayor Joanne Debono Grech thanked the central government for the support given to the council and reiterated the local council’s commitment to continue implementing more work in collaboration with the government towards a better quality of life for Birkirkara residents.

Source: Government of Malta