PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS The rebuilding of Triq il-Ferrovija l-Qadima is complete – this is one of the longest residential roads among the first 120

“We will soon reach the one year anniversary from when we launched the residential roads project, an unprecedented project and a pledge to revolutionise our country’s road infrastructure. We are delivering this promise from our rural roads to our residential roads to our country’s arterial roads,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg while visiting Triq il-Ferrovija l-Qadima, one of the longest residential roads being rebuilt by Infrastructure Malta.

Triq il-Ferrovija l-Qadima crosses from Balzan to Birkirkara with around 11 roads connected to it. In this road, around 2 kilometres of underground pipes and cables were installed for water, telecommunication and internet services, together with new foundations, one and a half kilometres of pavements on both sides of the road and the rebuilding of the service road which is on one side of the road at the Balzan end, where the road connects to De Paule Avenue.

Minister Borg explained that many of the roads contracted this year are being done for the first time, and these need to be completely built from scratch. He also spoke about the great amount of work involved before projects begin in the road itself, including consultation with service entities and Local Councils.

“The time when infrastructural projects mean installing tarmac over a terrible road is over. We are committed to deliver quality infrastructure in a holistic way. We are committed to continue working with phases when necessary to avoid inconveniences. We are committed to deliver to our country’s residents what they deserve: well-planned projects, projects with standards and above all a better quality of life,” concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Source: Government of Malta