An agreement was signed yesterday between the Water Services Corporation and the Malta Developers Association in order to create more opportunities for investment in the renewable solar energy sector. Through this agreement the Water Services Corporation and the Malta Developers Association will be launching a joint venture with the aim to develop a solar farm on land owned by the Water Services Corporation.

Minister Konrad Mizzi said that this solar farm will generate around one megawatt of electricity and will generate around 1600 megawatt hours a year, enough to power 400 households. He also said that this will contribute towards our country’s 2020 renewable energy targets.

The Minister described this agreement as a concrete example of how the Government and the private sector can work on a strategic corporation to create further investment in the renewable energy sector. He said that agreements like this create more opportunities for Maltese companies to invest in solar panels and increase green jobs.

Minister Konrad Mizzi said that during this legislature the Government launched various renewable energy schemes for both businesses and households and will continue to work in this direction. He also mentioned that after launching the National Renewable Energy Action Plan to reach the 2020 renewable energy targets, the Government started working on the 2030 national action plan.

Malta Developers Association President Sandro Chetcuti said that the Malta Developers Association is satisfied with this joint venture after having originally proposed this project to Minister Konrad Mizzi. He said that this agreement was made possible following several meetings with Water Services Corporation officials, which made the agreement viable to both parties.

Source: Government of Malta