PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: “It is evident that when we work in synergies, our efforts result in sharing good practices and creating opportunities across borders”

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca presided over the launch of a project published by the Cross Culture International Foundation entitled ‘Effective Education for People Working with Vulnerable Persons’.

The President thanked and commended the work of Cross Culture International towards the promotion of inclusion and work, which she personally witnessed over the past years.

Through this project we are launching today, you are not only effectively supporting professionals who work with vulnerable persons – I am sure that your efforts will leave a significant impact on the empowerment of people experiencing vulnerability and precarity, the President insisted.

This project is an example of civil society and practical initiatives that can be undertaken in order to promote the right changes for stronger communities, more resilient societies, and more peaceful nations.

This project shows us a range of inspiring ways to prioritise the needs of vulnerable people; to provide them with professional assistance in order to build healthier lives; and to create the necessary pathways towards full participation within society, thus ensuring inclusive and equitable societies, the President explained.

The President also commended the international synergy created by the Cross Culture International Foundation. When we work in synergies our efforts result in sharing good practices and creating opportunities across borders, added President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

The President ensured that such partnerships strengthen the relationships between participating organisations and their members, across civil society, and all sectors working with third country nationals.

She also encouraged all stakeholders to make use of these tools launched today so that professionals will be able to identify better and assist vulnerable third country nationals in order to implement effective systems of inclusion.

Source: Government of Malta