PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: President George Vella gives keynote address at the official opening of the Maltese Cardiac Society Conference

President George Vella gave a keynote address at the official opening of the Annual Maltese Cardiac Society Conference held at the Mater Dei Hospital auditorium.

Maltese Cardiac Society President Robert G. Xuereb thanked President Vella for addressing the international speakers hailing from leading universities from Europe and the Middle East, and noted the role of this conference in highlighting the latest updates in cardiology from across the globe.

On his part, President George Vella thanked the Maltese Cardiac Society for the invitation, and noted how this event contributes to the further enrichment of knowledge on how to protect our hearts, promote healthy lifestyles, as well as prevent cardiac diseases. “Dialogue and co operation”, the President said, “are crucial to ensure a continuous flow and exchange of research results and collective initiatives to promote human health”.

President Vella said that cardiovascular problems continue to remain the leading cause of death for men and women in Malta. Despite this fact, the President noted how recent data from Malta shows how life expectancy in Malta has increased, with the national average reaching 81.9 years. Deaths linked to cardiovascular diseases, the President said, have also decreased.

President George Vella concluded by expressing his confidence that the variety of leading experts who will address this conference will both provide an extensive overview of current research, as well as generate fruitful discussions.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister