PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER: Press conference by the Maltese and Spanish Prime Ministers

European Union members will be united in the process of Brexit, a process which will be transparent and show unity as the European Union sets its attitude in a proactive manner, said Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

These remarks were made during a press conference at the end of a bilateral meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta.

The two Prime Ministers spoke mainly on Brexit, which was triggered a few moments before the start of the meeting.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat reaffirmed that the position of Malta is that it wants a fair deal for the United Kingdom but that the deal cannot be equated to membership. We want to make sure that British citizens in Europe and EU citizens in Britain are treated fairly, said Prime Minister Muscat.

Prime Minister Muscat welcomed an impact assessment which was commissioned by the Maltese Central Bank on the short- to medium-term effects of Brexit which gives an outlook on the impact of Brexit on Malta.

Both the Maltese and Spanish Prime Minister said that the two countries have excellent bilateral relations between them.

Prime Minister Rajoy congratulated the Maltese Prime Minister for the Maltese Presidency which is occurring during a historically difficult period.

Prime Minister Rajoy said that the agreement in Rome was very positive, and finally states clearly that Europe is united and that there will be further integration, specifically with the union of energy and the digital world.

Prime Minister Rajoy formally invited the Maltese Prime Minister for a meeting which will be held in Madrid on the 29th of April between Spain , Portugal, France , Italy , Cyprus and Greece with the aim of discussing Brexit negotiations and the way forward after the Rome Declaration between Mediterranean countries. Prime Minister Rajoy asked Prime Minister Muscat to offer an explanation on the situation of Brexit to the Mediterranean states which will be present in Madrid.

The Spanish Prime Minister said that the first priority should be to minimise the uncertainity for citizens and companies. Rajoy concluded by saying that he wanted a balanced decision whilst at the same time moving ahead in the process of integration in Europe.

Source: Government of Malta