PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER Prime Minister inaugurates the new LESA premises

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat inaugurated the new LESA premises. This was another step forward which will continue giving a new appearance to the community officers. On the first of May last year, the officers were transferred to a closed department with the government agency LESA. This agency is working for a positive change in both educational and operational aspects. Apart from being an electoral promise, this was also the first step towards a reform within the community officers. The name was also changed, from local wardens to community officers. Last October, these officers were also given a new uniform. The opening of the new premises is another step towards achieving the desired results.

During his address, Prime Minister Muscat said that the community officers’ role is not just that of controlling and safeguarding traffic or environment rules, or just to supervise construction sites and traffic accidents, but that the community officers’ role is, most importantly, that of educating.

He said that the community officers’ role, most of all their work, was a priority for this government from the beginning. This was actually stated in the electoral manifesto, which is now this government’s programme of work.

The Prime Minister also said that the investment in LESA is not only an investment in the community officers and their work environment/department, but also an investment for all citizens who will be benefitting from a better service.

During the inauguration, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici said that all the work that is being done helps to keep on strengthening this government’s commitment towards our community. It is thanks to this commitment and investment that we are able to provide better service to our society, be closer to the community, and continue to inform the public on the hard work that these community officers do.

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis, who was also present for this inauguration, stated that he believes that if the working environment is a healthy one, the workers will provide greater results. As can be seen clearly today, the agency’s new premises are more advanced and can better tackle today’s challenges. Silvio Parnis also said that this reform aims to lead to more serious enforcement, but also to a sense of sensibility within this same enforcement. In fact, the need for training our community officers is a priority. Furthermore, local enforcement is no longer limited to traffic offences but is also thriving in other important areas such as environment and education.

The Agency’s Chief Executive Officer Raymond Zammit said that these new premises will gather everything that is being reported and will ensure the desired success for the future.

The new LESA premises are at 246, Mater Boni Consili Street, Fgura, FGR 1611.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister