PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER: Speaker Farrugia receives council of rectors of Krakow universities

Speaker Anglu Farrugia received a courtesy visit by the Council of Rectors of the Universities of Krakow, Poland, which included inter alia the Jagiellonian University, the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Technology, and the Pontifical University of John Paul II.

Speaker Farrugia spoke about the history of the Maltese Parliament, with particular reference to the events of Sette Giugno, and referred to the work carried out by the Members of the House of Representatives. He mentioned the parliamentary events held in Poland, which he attended, and the collaboration between the University of Malta and the Maltese Parliament.

After the meeting, the Polish Rectors toured the building of the Parliament of Malta.

The visit of these Rectors of Krakow Universities was organised by Agnieszka Kaminska, Malta’s Honorary Consul in Krakow, Poland.

Ray Scicluna, Clerk of the House, was also present.

Source: Government of Malta