PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT: An improved Euros 750,000 scheme for cultural activities for regional committees, local councils and administrative committees is launched

During the launch of the tenth edition of the cultural activities’ fund for local authorities, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Stefan Buontempo stated that “this fund supports regional committees, local councils and administrative committees in proposing events of a cultural nature through which communities can showcase different aspects of their heritage.”

Whilst launching the newly improved cultural scheme with a budget of Euros 750,000, Stefan Buontempo said that “the different aspects referred to include the promotion of the local and/or regional identity, the promotion of the distinct localities’ history, their architectural and cultural heritage, and the advancement of local artists within the community.”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the scheme’s original launch, the Government embarked on making amendments to the way the fund is to be administered.

Stefan Buontempo stated that “the scheme will be issued for a period of three years as opposed to just one year. This will be done in order to help local authorities operate in a more strategic manner. This links directly with another Government initiative also recently launched whereby regional committees were provided with a budget of Euros 100,000 each to draft a report focusing on regional economic, social and cultural needs and the aspirations of the different communities.”

The Parliamentary Secretary insisted that “it is of crucial importance that localities start working according to a pre-defined programme and in a strategic manner. We need to improve the quality of the activities that are to be organised. We need to make sure that we are reaping the best we can from the available resources.”

Parliamentary Secretary Buontempo reminded those present that 2018 will be an extremely demanding year for Malta, culturally speaking. He insisted that local authorities have the responsibility of complementing the activities that are envisaged to be organised at a national level with local activities that would focus on events that would be participative, artistic and community-based in nature, thus diversifying the cultural product that is to be offered in order to meet and possibly exceed the expectations of the different audiences.

In order to achieve the best possible results, the Local Government Directorate has partnered with the Malta Arts Council in a European co-financed project whereby employees of the different local authorities will have the opportunity to learn and be trained in the field of culture. This should lead to more innovative ideas and projects of a better quality.

This fund is co-financed by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), with the support of V18, the Malta Arts Council, and the Cultural Directorate.

Mdina Medieval Festival

29th – 30th April 2017

During the last weekend of April, Mdina will be transformed into a bustling medieval city through various re-enactments conducted by local groups in collaboration with their European counterparts. Visitors to the beautiful old capital can also view exhibitions and follow themed lectures and guided walks.

11th Mechanised Ground Fireworks Festival

29th April 2017

Colourful fireworks displays have always been among the most important elements of local festas. For the 11th consecutive year, this festival will showcase the best two mechanised ground fireworks displays out of sixteen participants.

The Wignacourt Tower Festival

30th April 2017

This little-known, oldest surviving coastal defence post in Malta will be the focus of this festival. Set against this background, re-enactment of knights’ parades, folklore dances, exhibitions of traditional crafts, tools and food displays will entertain locals and tourists alike.

?idma Agrarja u Tradizzjonijiet

7th May 2017

Villagers will share their agricultural traditions and practices with visitors in ?ad-Dingli during this festival. These will have the opportunity to not only observe but also participate in traditional practices particular to this picturesque village, some of which are unfortunately being lost due to technological developments.


21st May 2017

The production of irkotta was once an important activity in rural Kirkop. This will be remembered on the 21st of May through culture and arts, with the hope of keeping this tradition alive.

Open Day and Music Festival

21st May 2017

The band clubs of the three villages of ?al Lija, ?al Balzan and ?’Attard will all perform in a music festival organised by the Lija Local Council and the San Pio X Band Club at Villa Francia.

Festa Lapsi

27th May 2017

Visitors to Spinola Bay will be taken back to the period of the Knights through flag and banner decorations as well as stands with traditional food and crafts. Local bands and folk dancing will add to the cheerful atmosphere.

Festival Agrarju tal-Patata

28th May 2017

This festival has now become a regular event in the local calendar. This year, the local council is working towards putting Qrendi on the European map, with exchanges with organisers of similar festivals in Holland and Northern Ireland.

Lapsi fix-Xg?ajra

28th May 2017

Aimed at promoting local trades and traditions, this event has as one of its key elements the active involvement of local talent. It also promotes heritage sites and monuments in the locality.

Source: Government of Malta