PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND COMMUNITIES: Financial scheme for the community – a better life through physical exercise and sports

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis announced a scheme for local councils promoting physical exercise and sports. The aim of this scheme is to encourage citizens to do physical exercise by means of several specific programmes, sports, and other activities. These will help improving both physical and mental health and even the citizens’ well-being. All the regional committees and local councils were eligible to apply for funding under the scheme. The total fund allocated is that of Euros 98,521.78 and 40 local councils and 1 regional committee will benefit from this scheme.

Parliamentary Secretary Parnis said that local councils and regional committees should apply for such schemes to improve the quality of life of our citizens. Silvio Parnis also stated that such activities are very crucial for our communities since exercise improves health and reduces the risk of various diseases. The Parliamentary Secretary concluded that sports and physical activities were also given a priority in the Local Government Reform, whereas the regional committees will coordinate sport and physical activities with local councils to promote and incentivise a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, all local councils will have a councillor responsible for sport and physical activities.

Source: Government of Malta