PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Buontempo launches capital investment fund of Euros 700,000 for Local Councils

At a news conference in the garden of Gardjoli in Isla, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government launched another fund, this time of Euros 700,000, for the benefit of Maltese and Gozitan communities. This fund is being launched to support localcouncils in implementing capital projects within the respective boundaries; projects concerning improvements in the physical infrastructure of the same localities.

Of these Euros 700,000, half a million will be distributed equally to each Regional Committee, in order to be invested in localities mostly in need of road resurfacing and sidewalk maintenance, whilst Euros 200,000 have been allocated for the building of a civic centre in the City of Zebbug, the memorandum of understanding of which was signed between the parties concerned during the same news conference.

In his address, Buontempo remarked that in less than a month’s time, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government was once again tangibly helping to improve the quality of life of Maltese and Gozitans. I am extremely satisfied being with you today at the launch of this initiative, yet another initiative in an unprecedented series of such initiatives driven by the Parliamentary Secretariat of which I am responsible, through which our communities will directly benefit from. I am more than convinced that this Government’s effort of modernising our Country, even through the support of our Local Authorities, is being appreciated by all those involved coming from different political backgrounds. Parliamentary Buontempo went on by recalling the electoral promise of the Prime Minister that Euros 700 million will be invested in order to resurface all roads in Malta and Gozo and for this pledge to materialise, Local Governments need to be actively participating in such an investment programme of which they will be the first beneficiaries. He also made reference to the scheme his Secretariat launched a couple of weeks ago, whereby a further Euros 1,000,000 had been allocated for road and sidewalk maintenance, which monies were being injected into the Local Government’s funds by LESA.

We have the best track record in this sector. We are not only showing in practice that we believe in the principle of subsidiarity, that is by financially incentivising our Local Authorities, but as importantly, we have heavily invested in the human resources within the Regional and Local Offices so as to make sure that the funds that are being allocated are programmed and budgeted in the best way possible in the best interests of our residents, added Dr. Buontempo.

During the news conference, a memorandum of understanding between the Parliamentary Secretariat and the Zebbug Local Government was signed for the building of a civic centre within Zebbug. This means that the Zebbug Local Council will finally be able to start offering services from a building that is suitable for its residents; another concrete step which reaffirms the clear political will of this government in favour of the Maltese and Gozitan Local Councils.

It was a great privilege for me to serve as Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government in this legislature, and I believe that we have managed to attain the results that we had planned to achieve together for the advancement of this sector. This was only possible since we worked together and in a disinterested manner. There is still much to do, however I am convinced that we have successfully rebuilt a sustainable framework for our local authorities, which will result in a more fruitful service to our communities, and this thanks to the efforts of all those concerned. I am convinced that this sector, with this Government, has a bright future ahead of it, concluded Buontempo.

Source: Government of Malta