The Director General (Consumer Affairs) hereby issues this public statement in accordance with Article 8 of the Consumer Affairs Act (Cap.378), by means of which she hereby identifies and gives information to the public that the following company:

Dario Azzopardi – 3 Group

has not honoured the decision delivered by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

The consumer had purchased a machine that manufactures Bitcoins which may be used as money. However, while working the machine made a lot of noise and it consumed so much electricity that using the machine meant spending more money on electricity than the value of the bitcoins made. The consumer requested from the trader a refund of Euros 2,600, representing the price paid for the machine.

The Tribunal noted that even though Mr Dario Azzopardi has been served with the Notice of Claim, the date and the time of the hearing, he did not attend the tribunal sitting. Furthermore, Mr Azzopardi did not submit a written response to this claim. To the Tribunal this meant that the trader was not contesting the claim.

Mr Azzopardi was ordered by the Tribunal to pay the consumer the amount of Euros 2,000. The Tribunal also ruled that the ownership of the engine reverts to the trader after the payment is made.

Source: Government of Malta